David B. Cooper (aka Foxman or DBCooper) has been providing innovative technology solutions to businesses for the past four decades. With a strong background in both computer sciences and accounting, he has been described as an accountant with a computer addiction however his balance is to only use technology that makes CENTS.

His game plan is always: Audit-able + Repeat-able + Scale-able = Successful

His core focus is on the live entertainment field and he has developed software for touring music acts, artist managers, concert promoters, talent agents, and venues; then ticketing, record companies, radio promotions and publishers. Their programs integrated vital functions together such as accounting, scheduling, merchandising and ticket sales. He has developed innovative software solutions for a number of industries – from individual practices through to major corporations like LiveNation (Clear Channel-SFX), Ticketmaster, ideaLAB!, International Speedway Corporation (NASCAR) and Redbox.

He is an architect and leads the building of technical solutions that are both BIG and FAST but he always wants to harvest the value. The biggest value is FAN INFORMATION. It helps create demand by offering these fans similar products and services.

The BIGGEST – in 2001 the world’s largest live event of the year was the Daytona 500 and it was the launch of the ticketing solution created for International Speedway Corp (NASCAR).

The FASTEST – in 1995 PEARL JAM set a world’s fastest sellout record for their show in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. 48,000 tickets sold in 21 minutes, 2 tickets per call via 2000 inbound IVR (automated phone) operators.

Both of these events were opportunities to collect FAN info along with these transactions and used to create demand through offers to these identified FANS worth more than the simple transaction fee.

More recently FoxMan was a consultant for Redbox Automated Retail, LLC, for it’s division TICKETS.Redbox.com, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Outerwall, the parent company of DVD-rental kiosk operator Redbox and Coinstar money services, acquired by private-equity firm Apollo Global Management. FoxMan provided ticket industry experience and expertise for all business process management propositions. From its inception to launch in Philly and then Los Angeles, FoxMan advised Redbox on industry standards and practices of tickets sales including automated allotment imports/exports, ticket manifest management, admission control credentialing, reporting and financial settlement. Additionally it’s data acquisition and analysis of who is buying what type of entertainment and where is unprecedented. It allows analysis of customer data with pinpoint accuracy to present targeted promotional and marketing campaigns with extraordinary and incremental sales results.

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BREAKING a BAND in the Internet Age a book David wrote as an introduction to the players in the music industry. The book is a blue print for becoming successful in the changing music (video, or movie) business. This is the “game plan” for the artist side of the DIRECTtoFAN and is a differential which would take others 30 years to catch up to. (check out the illustrations of the “clans” for a laugh, the royalty group I mean record companies are depicted by dinosaurs, and the touring folks are dogs, and the artists are FOXES.)  Download:

Currently David and the team have been working on these projects:

WellnessBackPack since 2016, it has just launched a web site with a video introduction. This revolutionary mobile based solution allow school students to reach out and get quicker replies to calls for help for every day mental health, wellness and safety. It manages these calls like a 911 emergency dispatching the correct response for issues light, anti-bullying, anti-suicide, anti-vape to emergencies as extreme as a shooter in school. Proximity allows location of students on the school campus to speed response.

DIRECTtoFAN following our primary mission and methodology “The shortest the distance from ARTIST (or content provider) to FAN means simultaneously the lowest price to the FAN, while the artist profits the most”. We also find the FANS who buy media, and want tickets, and ticket holders want merchandise and they all buy media. It’s on on-going cycle that NONE of the big record or ticketing companies have worked out. DIRECTtoFAN allows packaging of products with payment plans for “career fans”.

UnLocked.Media is the best use case of DIRECTtoFAN we’ve seen, and we built it. Via a mobile device app with proximity we can identify “fans” who enter retail stores. (think big box or drug store). The FAN upon entering (no purchase necessary) is offered a exclusive media (video or song) downloaded or streamed ONLY to that device. It meets three important rules for a new business metric, in-store visit. 1. Free to the FAN, 2. Artist gets paid (double the standard rate) 3. the retailer ONLY pays when a FAN enters the store. A win/win/win methodology using advertising dollars to target market groups.