How We Work

Today most of our business is consulting, using a Professional Services Agreement (PSA) we support our clients in acquiring fans and offering them opportunities to buy products and services DIRECTLY from the sports and music suppliers.

We like to use a metaphor from the auto-racing world to explain our working partnership with you: we are out-sourced car designers and mechanics who support your racing team. We don’t choose the body shape, the colors, the sponsors, the races or drivers you use – we simply build the fastest car on whatever track you choose. We do not replace your team on the contrary we enhance it for special events or projects, especially for the newest and biggest race, the race for the fan.

FoxMan Group Inc can manage any combination or all the steps of a project cycle using our PSA (Professional Services Agreement) including:

  • business needs/rules
  • collection creation of a tech spec and definition of needs document
  •  to manage the RFP (Request for Proposal) process
  • our project management,
  • testing,
  • implementation,
  • data migration training,
  • documentation
  • maintenance
  • hosting
  • backup
  • support

There is no shortage of ways to work with the FoxMan Group. We can work with either internal or 3rd party programming shops based on best fit for platform and specs.

We specialize in different ways to expand acquisition of FAN email addresses and creation of deeper profile information with targeted reporting filters. We help create targeted offers via multiple channels of 2-way communications to/from these FANS. This allows distribution of outbound information and/or sale of products with the return channel that starts order processing.

We will explore business relations beyond our standard PSA (Personal Services Agreement) and software licensing. complete outsource of service-based business (includes all servers and licenses) a mix of services hosted on your servers’ outright sales of services and licenses hosted and maintained internally partnership on proof of concept with acquisition rights

Look at these options much like buying a car, there is a cash price with instant ownership, leasing vs financing (who owns it at the end of the term) or partnering with revenue sharing. We are open to other success-based partnerships.